SMT Policy Guidelines


COR travel grants are intended to provide the opportunity for qualified applicants to participate in meetings of learned societies and organized conferences for the purpose of presenting and discussing important research results. The meeting can either be in the U.S. or abroad.

A. Eligibility

Who may travel:

1. Full-time members of the Academic Senate, including emeriti and those on sabbatical leave, are eligible. Non-Senate faculty members are encouraged to contact the Non-Senate Faculty Professional Development Fund to learn more about funds available to support their scholarly travel.

Eligible Travel:

1. The “participation” of the applicant is ordinarily in the form of presentation of scholarly papers or other active participation such as organizing the conference.

a. In exceptional circumstances, COR will consider requests for travel to participate in Scholarly Meetings without active presentation of results by the applicant provided that attending the meeting is crucial for the applicant’s ongoing research.

2. Heads of recognized scholarly organizations may be eligible for travel to meetings if the organization in question makes no provision for its officers' travel.

3. Grants may be made for travel to present works of art or to present other forms of creative expression, but only for the initial presentation of such creative endeavor.

4. Active and emeritus faculty who are members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Philosophical Society, the National Academy of Sciences, or the National Institute of Arts and Letters may be eligible for travel (but not for subsistence) expenses for attendance at meetings of these organizations. Such reimbursement is authorized only for one such meeting per faculty member per fiscal year.

Ineligible Travel:

1. Requests to attend meetings primarily for recruitment purposes cannot be funded by COR. As described above, COR support for Scholarly Meeting travel is to be used for the primary purpose of presenting and discussing important research results.

2. These funds are not meant to be used to support travel to present a talk at another institution for the benefit of a local audience. Although talks of this kind can be important, COR is unable to support them directly.

B. Award Guidelines

1. Faculty may apply for travel funds to attend just one scholarly meeting per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). The award year is based on the departure date.

2. The travel amount is limited to a maximum of $1000 in each fiscal year. This is the maximum amount available for COR funding; whatever amount is requested must be fully justified. Applicants are encouraged to supplement COR funds with other funding sources.

3. Support is limited to:

● Round-trip economy airfare

● Least expensive ground transportation

● Meeting registration

● Lodging at the minimum meeting rate

C. Application Procedures

1. Application for support of travel must be made at least fourteen (14) calendar days in advance of the date of departure.

2. The application is submitted via the CARS system. (click here).

3. Notifications of award are sent out on a monthly basis

4. CANCELLATION: Persons with approved applications should promptly notify the Committee on Research by e-mail (csilva67@ucsc.edu) if they will be unable to use the funds requested. These funds can be used to support other applications.

5. The expectation is that the funds will be used only for the trip described in the original approved application. However, modifications will be considered on a case by case basis.

D. Post Travel Forms and Reimbursement

1. COR transfers SMT funds to the appropriate divisional budget office. All dispersing of funds to faculty is handled after the trip by these offices and not by COR.

2. A Post Travel Form (click here) supported by appropriate receipts and other evidence of payment (e.g., air ticket stubs), must be submitted to the recipient's division business office for processing within ten (10) working days after completion of travel.

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