COR Inter-Campus Travel (ICT) Guidelines



Limited funds are available for the purpose of encouraging cooperative use of the research facilities, library resources and field stations of the University system, and for encouraging collaboration with colleagues at other UC campuses.

A. Eligibility

Who may travel:

1. Full-time members of the Academic Senate, including emeriti and those on sabbatical leave, are eligible.

2. Graduate students advanced to candidacy are eligible under the sponsorship of a member of the Academic Senate. In this case, the senator must complete the application on behalf of the graduate student.

Eligible Travel:

1. Intercampus Travel is limited to the following categories:

a) Use of UC research facilities and libraries at other campuses

b) Collaboration with colleagues at other UC campuses

2. Funds may only be used for transportation and lodging costs.

Ineligible Travel:

1. Intercampus funds may not be used to support participation in courses.

2. These funds are not to be used to support travel to present a talk at another campus for the benefit of a local audience. For these types of engagements, the sponsoring campus will normally support travel and subsistence costs of the participants.

B. Award Guidelines

1. Faculty may receive intercampus research funds only once every two years. The fund will run on the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) and the award year is based on the departure date.

2. Faculty sponsorship of a graduate student for intercampus research funds will count as that faculty’s biennial award.

3. The travel amount is limited to a maximum of $250.

C.Application Procedures

1.Application for support of travel must be made at least fourteen (14) calendar days in advance of the date of departure. Applications made after travel has occurred will not be funded.

2.The application is made online via the Intercampus Research Travel Request Form at Applicants must be signed into their Google accounts to access the application.

3.Applicants may receive a confirmation of their submission by checking “Send me a copy of my responses” above the “submit” button on the application.

4.Within two weeks, applicants will be notified via email if their travel support is approved or denied. A copy of an approval email will go to the applicant, the relevant department chair, and the relevant divisional budget liaison.5.CANCELLATION: Persons with approved applications that are unable to use the funds requested should promptly notify the Committee on Research by e-mail ( These funds can be used to support other applications.6.Funds may only be used for the trip described in the original approved application. Funds may not be carried forward or transferred. A new application must be made for new travel in the event of a cancellation.

D.Post Travel Forms and Reimbursement

1.COR transfers Intercampus Research Travel funds to the appropriate divisional budget office. All dispersing of funds to faculty is handled after the trip by these offices and not by COR.

2.A Post Travel Form (click here) supported by appropriate receipts and other evidence of payment (e.g. air ticket stubs) must be submitted to the recipient's division business office for processing within ten (10) working days after completion of

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